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Updated: Sep 29, 2021

You have to deprogram yourself. Or rather, you have to allow yourself to be deprogrammed, to be purified, by the Spirit of Christ that is intrinsic to your DNA & psycho-spiritual cellular makeup.

This process of purification is natural & it is taking place now, en masse, for all life forms, in all realms, in the entirety of the Universe.

Some refer to this process as "ascension," although that word, like all words, can mean different things to different people. Without a nuanced understanding of what the process actually entails, the word "ascension" can be misleading & create consciousness traps in which individuals are solely focused on going up & out of the body to a realm other than the one they currently find themselves in.

In reality, the process takes place within the body, &, even further, within the interior realms of the psyche & spirit, & it is taking place here now, in this realm we know as Earth.

Yes, the body will change. This realm we know as Earth will change. That is part of the process.

I personally refer to the process as the return to Love. And I do not mean "love" in the mere terms of relationship love but the cosmic principles of Creation that govern our experience of reality. We are simply returning to what is natural, to the harmony of all expressions of life as a diverse albeit interdependent eco-system.

And yet, what is natural is so far from what we've known & experienced life to be in this Earthly realm that the return to it can be quite shocking if not psychologically disorienting at times. We may find ourselves questioning our sanity. We may find ourselves in deep mourning as we shed layers & layers of programmed "selves" that are not authentic to our genetic makeup & cellular disposition. We may also, simultaneously, find ourselves in awe at the immensity of what life really is & how it materializes itself into form through the essence of our own being.

The word "matrix" is neutral. In Latin it means "mother." The popularity of The Matrix film series has made the word culturally synonymous with what we are beginning to understand as a synthetic web of world systems, programs, & psycho-spiritual labyrinths designed to trap human consciousness inside of it. This isn't far from the truth.

But it's one thing to witness a cinematic depiction of the truth reflected back to us on a screen, & it's another to understand the reality of that reflection as something we are actually tangibly experiencing.

Cinematic portrayals of the truth can serve to both deepen the illusion ("it's only a movie") as much as stir us awake to it - so much of this depends on the state of consciousness of the viewer & an individual's readiness to see beyond the veils of illusion & pierce a reality greater than what they have previously consciously known.

All that being said, whatever we want to call it, there is most definitely an artificial holographic overlay that has existed within the collective mind & planetary body of the human race for quite some time. Far from the true mother, or rather, the feminine principle of consciousness, this artificial overlay, this inverted matrix, has been engineered to run planetary systems that are fundamentally opposed to the natural cycles of life. These systems are anti-life. They serve only self-destruction. They run on fear. And they are currently dissolving, en masse.

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