The Art of Femininity

The art of motherhood.

The art of relationship.

The art of homemaking.

The art of femininity.

These are art forms, &, like any art form, they require the freedom to engage with & respond to the creative principle innate to the human spirit. In many ways, I can understand how masses of women came to reject the "traditional roles" of womanhood throughout the 20th century. The tragic fates of Virginia Woolf, Anne Sexton, & Sylvia Plath come to mind - creative women who found themselves trapped in the confines of suburban motherhood & married-life domesticity, plagued with loneliness & starved for true intimacy, living in the shadows of the careers of their more worldly masculine artist counterparts. Of course, poets & artists tend to serve as extreme examples of what the collective human psyche is experiencing in its innermost realms. The poet dares to feel what others cannot bear.

The collective feminine psyche. Who is she? Who is the true mother principle of cosmic consciousness, & how do her qualities seek to manifest themselves within the experience of human femininity? We know very well what the inverted matrix represents, which has nothing to do with femininity at all.

While many women came to reject traditional depictions of domestic femininity in exchange for progressive depictions of feminine liberation, which has no doubt led to an entire cultural revolution &, some may say (& they may be correct), a cultural collapse, there is one thing that still, until now, hasn't changed, & that is the collective recollection of the true nature of feminine consciousness from a holistic, regenerative, cosmic perspective. In other words, if we can understand the inverted matrix as being anti-life & engineered to fundamentally oppose & collapse natural life cycles, we can understand the true principle of feminine consciousness, the true mother, as life-giving & existing in harmony with natural life cycles.

Yes, the feminine principle is cyclical. She is not linear but quantum - she is able to exist in all realms at once. She is multidimensional. She is creative.

If creativity is the core principle of feminine consciousness, then any socially scripted depiction of femininity that is placed upon her psyche as a role she is expected to perform in order to serve an anti-life matrix of synthetic light is something she is going to, at some point, naturally reject. Any scripted role that restricts the natural ebb & flow of her creative life-giving principle - whether it is the scripted role of loveless marriage or the scripted role of independent boss babe - is going to, at some point, if she clings to these roles, cause her deep suffering.

Marriage. Motherhood. Homemaking. These domestic art forms are not in & of themselves anti-life, & the desire to partake in them, to prioritize one's life around them, even, is most definitely not anti-feminine or "misogynistic." It is programmed templates of marriage, programmed templates of motherhood, & programmed templates of homemaking that the collective feminine psyche has in many ways come to reject over the past 100-150 years. Programs are pre-scripted gender, sexuality, & relationship roles designed to serve a sociopolitical agenda that does not serve the natural expression of the human spirit. At some point, in the wake of several waves of feminism, rejecting the program became yet another program. The layers are deep.

The layers of the inverted matrix are so deep because the true mother principle is so deep. She is an ocean, really. An eternal cosmic ocean from which all life springs forth in manifest form.

As the layers of the inverted matrix continue to collapse & dissolve from the collective human consciousness fields, many women will find themselves naturally desiring a lifestyle that exalts their multidimensional creativity. This doesn't necessarily mean trading the pursuit of education, business, & personal endeavors outside of domesticity for a husband & child, just as true feminine liberation never had to mean trading a husband & child for a career & life outside the home. It doesn't have to be "either/or;" it can be "both/and." She goes beyond the binary.

The quality of the feminine principle of consciousness is synthesis. That is, after all, the nature of creativity - to synthesize seemingly paradoxical paradigms into a harmonized form greater than the sum of its parts. Something new is born. She has given life to herself.

Rose Garden, Munsinger Gardens, St. Cloud, Minnesota

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