Sarah: Muse + Oracle

Sarah is a muse & oracle who lives, plays, & works in full-time service to the planetary ascension & rehabilitation of human consciousness fields. Her cosmic journey began spontaneously in the year 2008, at the age of 20, with a "seizure-like episode" that took her consciousness beyond her physical body to a state of awareness unlimited by constructs of space & time. Perhaps similar to but distinctly different than a near-death experience, this event marked the beginning of an ongoing process of alchemical death & rebirth. Her life has since been an organic initiation into the heights of devotional mysticism & the depths of galactic shamanism, two polarities of the embodied spiritual path that unify in her heart as what she calls The Return to Love. Through her creative expressions, Sarah is able to bring forth gnostic wisdom & oracular medicine in service to humanity's return to Love. 


xoxo, sarah

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